Research profile


My academic activities consists of two profiles. 

Profile 1: Governance of Food and Agriculture policies. This profile covers topics such as the Common Agricultural Policy, a wide variety of enviromental policies,  the governance of sustainability, and specific policy domains, such as sustainable livestock, manure and animal welfare. Starting from case analyses I generalize my findings toward theoretical concepts such as social trust, governance capabilities, and civic engagement. I am interested in the question how practitioners cope with wicked policy problems. Theory-wise I use theories of the middle range or, in other words, social mechanisms. My academic network within this profile mainly consists of members of the ECPR research network on Food Policy and Governance of which I am co-convener

Profile 2 : Politics of Atttention and Policy Change. This profile covers topics such as policy agenda setting, the influence of media on politics, the analysis of parliamentary prioritization, and the impact of science on political decision making. Together with many colleagues from the US and Europe I analyse how agenda setting processes affect governance structures and how information from new and old media influences the responsiveness of the government. I publish about many different policy domains, although I have a specific interest in animal welfare related policies, food, the Common Agricultural Policy, and environmental policies. 

  1. Politics of attention: policy agenda setting in comparative perspectives (co-program leader for the Netherlands) (2006-)
  2. Subprojects of the politics of attention: Morality issues (2009-2011), safety policies (2009-2011) and environmental policies (2006-2008)
  3. Common Agricultural Policy-making: feedback and changing the CAP (2007-2011)
  4. The mechanisms of building trust: manure policies (2006-2008), mega-stables (2008-2010) and agriculture (2010-2012)
  5. Food governanc (2012-)

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